The Old Apple Tree, 2013

The oldest apple tree in the Pacific Northwest dates back to 1826 and is located in the middle of a highway interchange six miles from downtown Portland. We grafted a series of twelve descendent apple trees from this historic tree and planted them throughout the Portland-Vancouver vicinity with residents and local organizations. Planting sites included residential front yards, the Multnomah County Library, and the Oregon Historical Society. Each tree is accompanied by a public plaque stating its historical significance and who planted it. As we conducted research for the project, we created a newspaper to synthesizes a range of perspectives surrounding the tree and share its complex history. The newspaper includes contributions by archeologist Robert Cromwell, artist Fritz Haeg, Public Outreach Manager Eliza Canty-Jones of the Oregon Historical Society, and curator of Native American Art Deana Dartt-Newton of the Portland Art Museum. Stacks of newspapers were made available at the Oregon Historical Society and Fort Vancouver and distributed to all the project participants.

In collaboration with Nolan Calisch.