A Children’s Book of Farming in Le Cateau-Cambresis, 2013

This book assembles a series of drawings made by students from different schools in the vicinity of the Matisse Museum, which is located in a rural area in the north of France. During an initial visit to the Matisse Museum, we toured several farms and found that one of the only connections between the farming community and the museum was through a partnership with an educational program on a dairy farm. School groups would visit the Matisse Museum and then travel to this dairy farm within the same day. We created an assignment for a group of students from Le Cateau to illustrate a text related to the agricultural history of the region, and then published it through the Pompidou's Book Machine program, and made them available through the Matisse Museum's bookstore. The cover of the book is a painting made by the farmer, Aleth, who runs the educational program on the dairy farm. She made the painting when she was 7 years old after she rode a horse for the first time. It was also Aleth who wrote the text for the book. The project was a collaboration with Aleth, the local students and their teachers, and the two museums. As a result, the book operates on both a very local level with an audience in Le Cateau-Cambresis and within a broader context by being published and presented through the Centre Pompidou. Available through One Star Press.

In collaboration with Nolan Calisch and Harrell Fletcher
140 x 225 mm, 150 pages